Learning Through COVID, workshops for UVic BCom students #2

As a Gustavson student, I am always looking to help my peers and develop skills we can all use in our future careers and lives. As a response to help my fellow students in this difficult time dealing with the uncertainty the COVID crisis has thrown us into, I am working with Patwell Consulting, where I am doing my coop this summer. As part of my work, I will be designing and facilitating a program called Learning Through COVID. This program includes a two-part workshop experience for my fellow BCom Students.


I hope this session helps you to pause, reflect and learn from each other in a meaningful way.


Patwell Consulting and Coaching Ourselves have generously offered the course content for free to support the student community and help us learn. I am providing two informative sessions that will equip you to deal with the changes we are all experiencing, as well as give you an opportunity to learn from each other as we used to be able to in physical classrooms through discussion and participation.


The two sessions are Coaching Ourselves’ Managing Time and Energy and Patwell Consulting’s Leading Meaningful Change.


I am offering the first session, Coaching Ourselves’ Managing Time and Energy by David Creelman for 90 minutes on Thursday May 21st, 2020 at 6:00-7:30pm PT through Zoom. This session will help you see when and why you are the most productive, and how to maximize the “good time” you spend working so you get more done, but don’t feel burnt out! This is particularly helpful as we get used to working and learning from home.


The second workshop will be held the following week and will focus on Leading Meaningful Change on ­­­­Thursday May 28th 2020 for approximately 90 minutes also through Zoom. This LMC Workout session is designed to bring us together as a group of leaders to learn from each other about how we are leading through the COVID19 crises and check-in and talk about what you are learning. It will also help you reflect on your current leadership challenges, and provide you with some tools and resources to help you validate and/or enhance your existing plans for dealing with the COVID19 Crises; and your plans for recovery and business continuity.



The objectives for the CoachingOurselves and Leading Meaningful Change working sessions are to provide you with :


  1. an orientation and opportunity to experience how leaders and managers are being developed in organizations right now
  2. an opportunity to learn and support our peers in developing our leadership skills
  3. tools to help you navigate and succeed through this extraordinary journey,
  4. reflect on where we are and our experiences given the different places we are in, in our lives and our professional and academic careers
  5. concepts and tools to help us develop strategies to deal with this crisis and develop our plan for the way forward;


This Program promises to Deliver:

  1. Methodology and an approach to developing your leadership and managerial competencies;
  2. An introductory experience to the CoachingOurselves process;
  3. An opportunity to foster peer to peer relationships and collaboration;
  4. Help you increase your confidence, equipped and supported to lead through any change, not just the COVID crisis



May 28 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Chloe Thomson
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