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Leading Meaningful Change Process

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Leading Through Today’s Changes is Tougher Than Ever

As a leader, how are you living and leading? Are you stuck in a strategic rut? Having trouble achieving the results you need and desire? Are your team members inspired to change with you?

We can help.

We offer a customized approach to developing people to lead, coach, and manage change.

Our Services

Our coaching, consulting, and development programs can help
you develop your strategy to:

Create alignment around a shared purpose, vision, and way forward

Develop yourself and others as you do your work

Be more effective in building cohesive teams, collaborating, and forging the partnerships you need for success

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Our process and leadership development programs
are all designed to help you be the change you want to
see – in your team, organization, and community.

Coming in Spring 2024

Leading Meaningful Change: Practitioner Program

Some Happy Clients

Over the last three decades, we have helped dozens of organizations take real action and
achieve meaningful results that were aligned with their vision, purpose and strategy.

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We work with leaders and managers working at all levels of your organization. We also work with organizations of all sizes and across sectors – in Canada and around the world.

Beverley Patwell

Founder and Principal

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Beverley Patwell (Bev to her friends) is one of the world’s foremost experts on organizational development and leading meaningful change. Passionate about helping people learn, lead and work together, Bev brings three decades of unparalleled experience to bear as she inspires others to lead meaningful change. Her pioneering work on Use-of-Self and Triple Impact Coaching™ form the basis of the recently unveiled Leading Meaningful Change framework©. (See the Services page for more details.) She works with leaders throughout organizations in the private, public and plural sectors – coaching them to successfully address business needs, deliver results and impact the world in positive ways.

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Our Clients Say…

  • Our approach helps them achieve results that are far greater than what any one person can achieve on their own.
  • It maximizes the efforts, know-how, and expertise of everyone involved and impacted by the changes.
  • It saves time and money as people learn while they are getting their work done.

Patwell Consulting offers insightful, transformational, and empowering possibilities for individuals and groups to grow both personally and professionally within their organizations.

Patwell Consulting played a pivotal role in guiding our organization through our inaugural Denison Culture Survey. Bev demonstrated a high level of expertise by crafting a tailored plan to suit our specific requirements, ensuring a seamless implementation and delivery process. Bev’s invaluable insights into the survey data not only celebrated our strengths but also tactfully highlighted areas where growth and attention were needed. Her expert guidance equipped us with actionable strategies for our journey ahead.

Leading Meaningful Change should be the textbook for aspiring leaders. This transformative guide opens up new perspectives on leadership, emphasizing the Use of Self and a Servant Leader mindset. As I immersed myself in its pages, I gained valuable insights and practical tools to prepare myself for a future in leadership. What truly stood out to me was Patwell’s focus on authenticity. She encourages us to embrace our true selves as we venture into leadership roles, aligning our actions with shared values and objectives. Through the Servant Leadership approach, she demonstrates how empathy and compassion can shape a supportive environment for growth and meaningful change. This book also goes beyond theoretical concepts; it offers tangible strategies to tackle real-life challenges. Bev Patwell’s research-based approach provides valuable tools that can be used in practice.


Building better decision makers

Transitions are happening all around us. Spring forward refreshed, renewed, and re-energized.


Leverage your strengths. Inspire others. Lead change.