Budgets should never be a barrier to leading meaningful change.

Patwell Consulting’s one-on-one and ad hoc advisory services are ideal for organizations that need expert counsel to thrive into the future. If your organization is driven by purpose, we have a team member that can assist you in reaching your fullest potential.

Getting access to expert counsel doesn’t need to mean breaking the bank – especially when change is too important to wait. Patwell Consulting is dedicated to helping people learn, lead, and achieve meaningful change. We love working with purpose-driven people and organizations to make positive difference in the lives of our families, organizations, communities, and the planet.

Creating Meaningful Change Worldwide

In 2014, our Beverley Patwell led a study involving 2,000 participants from 27 countries. It found organizations of all sizes have similar change leadership challenges: Creating alignment, building strong and cohesive teams, managing resistance and culture shifts, and learning change management methods and tools. Sound familiar? Then Leading Meaningful Change is for you!

Patwell Consulting offers a practical and proven framework, processes, and tools to help leaders navigate uncertain times and position all levels of the organization to thrive.

There is huge power in being a collaborator with exponential potential (yet) Use-of-Self is my greatest asset to my business. I highly recommend working with Bev, whatever sector large or small you are working in. Bev is a world leader…take this counsel.

The LMC Framework is how change leadership is supposed to be – empathetic and people-focused.