Frontline and service providing teams are critical to leading meaningful change.

Patwell Consulting can help you unlock the incredible power of teams and ensure everyone’s working together to create amazing results aligned to strategy.

Teams today are under unprecedented pressures.

Multi-functional groups of frontline, customer-serving, and operational professionals have done incredible work to keep organizations moving through the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve worked hard, with blurred lines between the personal and professional. Make sure you have their backs with the best possible change leadership services.

The Patwell Consulting Advantage

Given the complexities of today’s world, leaders can no longer lead by expertise alone. They need to make the most of formal and informal networks. They must marshal the magical power of cohesive teams. And we can help.

“When we get it right… teamwork becomes the glue that bonds people together around the shared purpose and collectively engages their hearts and minds. They reach for and achieve expectations that are far greater than their single contributions.”

—Beverley Patwell, Leading Meaningful Change: Capturing the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of the People You Lead, Work With, and Serve

What makes a cohesive team?

Cohesive teams are comprised of people who:
  • Are humble, constantly learning, and developing their Use-of-Self
  • Have a shared understanding of and commitment to purpose, vision, and strategic direction
  • Are passionate about their work and being part of the team
  • Understand their accountabilities, roles, and responsibilities
  • Trust each other and hold each other accountable
  • Can depend on each other when it counts
  • Develop and empower their members to collaborate
  • Are curious and seek understanding
  • Have an action plan to guide and evaluate their work
  • Seek to achieve results that outweigh any single contribution

Guidelines for Cohesive Teams

Our LMC Catalyst Team at Patwell Consulting can coach, mentor and support you and your people to establish and sustain cohesive teams. These are the processes, procedures, and dynamics that can form the “team charter” of highly effective teams.

Ready to start delivering results right away?

A practical and proven framework, processes, and tools to help leaders navigate uncertain times and position all levels of the organization to thrive.

Bev has the unique ability to assess the gaps which leaders need to focus on to be able to move people forward toward a common vision.

A masterful and comprehensive approach to leading and managing transformation efforts of any type or size.