Leading meaningful change doesn’t have to be hard

Patwell Consulting’s proven framework and process are based on three decades of experience and research. We will help you create alignment around a shared purpose and develop a plan that captures the hearts, minds, and souls of the people you lead, work with, and serve.

Use-of-Self is at the core of our approach to change leadership.

We help you bring your best self to every situation so you can inspire people to change with you.

We then craft a Leading Meaningful Change (LMC) plan that is unique to your organization and your needs.

We can work in person, online, or both.

We can also do events for small groups, large groups, individuals, or some mix of all three. Your needs drive how we work. Our approach can help you achieve the results you seek.

We want to work with you.

Our suite of new offerings can help you respond to your call to action.

Patwell Consulting offers insightful, transformational, and empowering possibilities for individuals and groups to grow both personally and professionally within their organizations.

In a world where organizational strategy increasingly relies on big data, Bev reminds us that numbers alone can’t inspire people to commit to a new direction. Rather, people must believe with their ‘hearts and souls’ in a change in order for it to ultimately succeed and stick. Her practical tools and methods help all of us consistently put our people at the center of our change efforts.

Working with Patwell Consulting was an amazing journey. In 2008, we embarked on developing our front-line client service employees and we are still reaping the benefits from that transformational change. We are now implementing version 2.0 and the employees are more engaged than ever with a view of supporting our academic mission.