Leading Meaningful Change

Your change leadership journey made easier

Patwell Consulting offers a series of highly regarded programs to help you learn, lead, and achieve meaningful change. In person, online, or a mix of both, we’ve got an offering that’s right for you.

Calling all leaders, managers, teams, consultants, coaches, and self-directed learners.

Patwell Consulting’s LMC programs and services are perfect for anyone searching for ways to lead change that:

  • is based on a shared purpose that compels people to want to be engaged and involved
  • is a continuous learning and development process
  • reduces resistance to change and improves performance at all levels (individual, team, organizational)
  • helps with the human side of change and culture shifts
  • pays attention to Use-of-Self™, the most important instrument in your toolkit
  • builds and leverages teamwork and collaboration (within an organization and externally)

The Leading Meaningful Change Framework (its principles and its stages) helps ensure any change effort, no matter how complex or large, is effective and successful.

Leading Meaningful Change

Leading Meaningful Change: Capturing the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of the People You Lead, Work With, and Serve is a great starting point for your change journey. A leader’s DIY guide, its pages contain tips, tools, and insights to help you go beyond change plan tactics and reach the people you need to reach. Our LMC programs and services allow you to go further, faster. “Why would I take courses to read a book on change?”

  1. We’re all busy. Our LMC programs may count toward your professional development credits – allowing you to make the most of your time and effort. They will also help advance your change journey.
  2. You set your own pace. And the design of our programs enriches your learning experience while connecting you with communities of leaders and managers from around the world.
  3. Real-time interaction as you apply LMC tools and concepts can help make your learning more meaningful and rewarding.

Patwell Consulting offers several programs that build upon one another and assist you in your change journey:

  • LMC Essentials Online
  • LMC Foundations
  • Mastering LMC
  • Living and Leading Through COVID and Beyond
  • Leading Projects in a Digital Environment (Royal Roads University) (link to 4.1.5)
  • MultEversity Online Program (link to 4.1.6)
  • LMC Practitioner Certification (link to 4.1.7)

Upcoming Events

Our LMC Catalysts are unparalleled resources at your disposal. Contact us for one-on-one coaching and mentoring services, or connect to one of these group events led by an LMC Catalyst:

LMC: Developing the Pathway for Recovery to Renewal

LMC: Developing the Pathway for Recovery to Renewal

LMC Essentials Online

LMC Essentials Online

Fall 2022

This course is a coherent, progressive learning journey that allows participants to learn important principles as well as apply them in their career, and life. Leading Meaningful Change can, and will, be transformational for many professionals who are searching for an understanding and approach that is based on concepts and practices that are proven to work, and who are seeking to build a better world in which to live.

From the Use-of-Self keys to the wisdom of reframing, the sharing of practical exercises and guides, and with direct access to global experts and leaders, this program will re-boot your organization by capturing the best in your people – their hearts, minds and souls.

Expert. Experienced in leading and practical application of LMC principles as well as theory. Empathetic. Flexible. Confident. Interested and learning.