ExperienceChange Workshop

ExperiencePoint recently recognized Beverley as part of their Milestones Beyond Borders: World Wide Celebration.  For over 20 years as an exceptional facilitator, Bev has shattered geographic boundaries by bringing 64 ExperienceChangeTM workshops to 1989 global participants. This hands-on, human-centered experience is based on proven approaches and has helped to positively impact more than half of Fortune 100 global companies and how their people lead and manage successful change and transformation initiatives. The ExperienceChangeTM simulation is a foundational element in Patwell Consulting’s Leading Meaningful Change (LMC) Programs and the LMC Train the Trainer Certification.

Here are a few comments from previous workshop participants about their experience in Bev’s ExperienceChangeTM workshops:

“Loved the ExperienceChange simulation! It was competitive, fun, practical and useful. My greatest takeaway is to take more time to plan for change. Think of it as a process…Respect the process!”

“The Simulation was great. I will do it again with my team.”

“It’s a great way to validate, enhance and develop our plan for change.”

“Great workshop for helping to build teamwork and our capacity to lead and manage change and transformation initiatives.”

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