LMC Stories

It’s all about people making an impact.

Leading Meaningful Change brings people together, inspires alignment around a common purpose, and strategic goals, and compels us into action. Get results that are greater than what any one individual can achieve on their own.

Put the LMC principles, framework and process into action right away.

Create alignment. Build strong and cohesive teams. Manage resistance and culture shifts.
Organizations that use LMC see immediate results, without the cumbersome and expensive overhead of other change frameworks.
Read on to learn how several of Patwell Consulting clients were successful putting LMC into action.

Case Studies

Case Study #1: Using The LMC Framework and Process in a Small Not for Profit 

The principles and practices of the LMC Process can also be self taught and used to build teams in small organizations, and on short-term projects.

This case study puts the spotlight on how Steve, a volunteer Director of a small not-for-profit theatre group used the LMC process to produce the musical Camelot in pantomime-called Camelot the Panto. Read on to learn how Steve taught himself and others as he led this meaningful change.

Case Study #2: Using Use-of-Self to Build Skills in Leading A Change Effort

Here is how Dr. Cynthia Smith, dean of the School of Health and Human Services (HHS) at Camosun College used the LMC process and CoachingOurselves to develop a team of leaders and managers to lead and support transformational change in their department. 

Case Study #3: Building Teamwork in a Complex Environment

Here is an example of how a new project leader applied the LMC guidelines in his approach to building a cohesive team in a complex environment to develop and install a new financial management system in his organization. 

Case Study #4: City of Ottawa-One City, One Team

This case study is about the Senior Leadership Team’s journey through the first two years of leading a transition and culture shift to adopt the mindsets, values and behaviors of “Servant Leadership” as the new guide to their day-to-day work. It provides the background and context for the change, a summary of their approach through the lens of the LMC Process, and an overview of how they created a cohesive team that inspired people across the corporation to embrace the shared purpose “One City, One Team” to achieve results that were far greater than any single contribution.

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A practical and proven framework, processes, and tools to help leaders navigate uncertain times and position all levels of the organization to thrive.