LMC in Action

Our times require change leaders

People who will step up and answer the call. People who live and lead in ways that inspire others to be their best selves. People who play their part and make a positive impact as they lead and manage change.

Today’s challenges call for change leadership.

Our world is complex. People must be at the center of our change efforts.

No one has all the answers. We are all learning.

The choices you make in how you show up to learn, lead and achieve are rooted in your Use-of-Self. It is the most valuable instrument in your toolkit, and the one we invest in the most.

Our approach helps you develop yourself and others so you can go beyond tactics and capture the hearts, minds, and souls of the people you lead, work with and serve. That’s why more and more people are finding real value in the Leading Meaningful Change Framework™.

LMC on the Go

Leading meaningful change means making a positive difference in the way we live our lives at home and work, in our communities and on our planet. That’s why we we’re making change leadership work for you.

We have a range of LMC tools, services, and programs to fit your unique needs.

In a world where organizational strategy increasingly relies on big data, Bev reminds us that numbers alone can’t inspire people to commit to a new direction. Rather, people must believe with their ‘hearts and souls’ in a change for it to ultimately succeed and stick. The practical tools and methods Bev outlines in Leading Meaningful Change can help all of us consistently put our people at the centre of our change efforts.