Customized Solutions

Change leadership solutions – just for you.

Patwell Consulting has the framework, tools, and products to help any organization thrive. But because your organization isn’t just any organization, we can customize our services to your unique needs.

Scalable, Innovative and Tailor-made

Your organization deserves the best change leadership it can get. That means scalable, innovative, and people-focused solutions that are tailored to your needs and that address your unique business needs. Patwell Consulting is ready and able to deliver.

Experienced Change Management

Regardless of size or sector, your organization is too important to leave its change to chance.
You, your employees, and the people you serve all deserve a proven framework and tools customized to your context.
You also deserve the best expertise you can get. Our team has what you need, when and how you need it.

(Patwell Consulting) was resourceful and flexible when we needed to redesign our change programs, working closely with BC Assessment to ensure an optimal learning experience for the manager audience. In addition to her expertise in the subject matter of change, Bev has a keen sense of understanding for the challenges managers face in putting theory into practice.

Patwell Consulting coaches senior teams to lead the culture change in their organizations, using the principles that they value the most. The result is transformative and meaningful. Not only do leaders develop themselves through the process, they end up with solutions that address their business needs. This makes the change that more effective and, ultimately, inspires people to move toward a common vision.

The tools that Beverley developed for us to lead meaningful change were invaluable for our change efforts. They really helped to align our people for the changes that we were embarking upon. We couldn’t have made the strides we did without it.