Mission, Purpose, Values

Change leadership starts and ends with people

Patwell Consulting offers a people-centric framework of principles and a four-stage process to help you lead and implement changes in processes, technology, policies, procedures, and organizational culture.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping people learn, lead and achieve meaningful change.

Our Vision

To work with purpose-driven people and organizations to make positive difference in the lives of our families, organizations, communities, and the planet.

Our Values and Beliefs

Three decades of learning from, and working with, people and organizations around the world inform seven core beliefs about our Use-of-Self™ and how we can lead meaningful change.

  1. The quest for mastering Use-of-Self applies to all generations and all aspects of life.
  2. Use-of-Self is the best instrument in our change toolkit, and the only one we can control.
  3. People want to make a positive difference in the way they live their life at home and at work, in their communities and on our planet.
  4. Technology has increased the pace of change and our range of choices.
  1. There is a need for new skills as we live and work in a digital environment.
  2. Teamwork and collaboration extend beyond the internal organization to include external partners and other stakeholders.
  3. Diversity, work/life and focusing on the wholeness of our Use-of-Self is essential.

A masterful and comprehensive approach to leading and managing transformation efforts of any type or size.

Bev defines what it takes to create and sustain leadership, to discover and share meaning, and to make change that transforms organizations and the people that work in them.

The interplay between the authentic Use-of-Self, creating a shared purpose, and aligning the organization’s direction plays a critical role in the successful achievement of any meaningful change.