As an executive leader, you have a lot on your shoulders.

But you’re not alone.

Executives from top companies, complex public sector entities, and leading not-for-profit organizations have benefitted from Patwell Consulting’s counsel, coaching, and mentoring. You could be next.

Today’s C-suite leaders and boards are facing unprecedented challenges.

You’re guiding your organizations through generational health and an economic crises. You’re trying to keep people focused and aligned on purpose, values, vision, mission and strategy, while also keeping them engaged and motivated. And you’ve got an eye on the bottom line while trying to figure out where to go next.

We can help you deliver on these fronts and more by crafting with you a change plan that captures the hearts, minds, and souls of the people you lead, work with, and serve.

LMC Framework: Guiding Principles

Successful executive change leaders play an important role in building an environment that has meaning for everyone, at every level of an organization.

Over 30 years of working with organizations of all kinds helped inform the following principles that are at the core of the Leading Meaningful Change Framework:

  • Create a shared purpose, vision, principles, and values.
  • Develop and engage people.
  • Build relationships and foster teamwork and collaboration.
  • Develop the plan to align with strategic priorities and goals.
  • Develop a unified organizational culture to support change.
  • Set up systems, structures, and processes, to support the change.
  • Conduct a continuous evaluation of the plan, actions, and impacts.

We know what keeps executive leaders like you awake at night.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Patwell Consulting’s global network brought people together virtually. More than 700 senior leaders from around the globe told us what their business challenges were, and their most pressing challenges. This input helped shape our pandemic era offerings. And it’s just one of many reasons executives consistently find value in our services.

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