Big changes require proper leadership.

Patwell Consulting supports leaders by accompanying you and your team(s) on the journey to make meaningful change stick. Check out our wide range of consulting services that can be customized to your needs.

Build Your LMC Foundation

Our LMC Framework is the foundational piece of our services to help you lead and manage meaningful change, transitions, and transformations. We understand your industry and operational context. We help you align people, organizational culture, and strategy. We then help you work through proven steps to deliver real results.

Our consulting services are rooted in the principles of organizational development. Our tools are developed based on 30 years of research and practice.

We can assist with learning and development, succession planning, communications, and more. We deliver change leadership plans to develop and sustain cohesive teams, and empower your team(s) to achieve meaningful change aligned to strategy.

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Our Diverse Clients

We’ve helped organizations of all sizes from around the world achieve meaningful change. We love documenting these experiences in case studies to share learnings with others.


Case Studies

Patwell Consulting offers insightful, transformational, and empowering possibilities for individuals and groups to grow both personally and professionally within their organizations.

To manage complex change, several pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place… vision, skilled people, incentives, resources, and an action plan. If any of these pieces are missing, change will be replaced by something else. I experienced first-hand, what it took to lead and manage a complex change project. Without the professional help of Beverley Patwell, I do not think the project would have been as successful as it was.

A masterful and comprehensive approach to leading and managing transformation efforts of any type or size.

Patwell Consulting played a pivotal role in guiding our organization through our inaugural Denison Culture Survey. Bev demonstrated a high level of expertise by crafting a tailored plan to suit our specific requirements, ensuring a seamless implementation and delivery process. Bev’s invaluable insights into the survey data not only celebrated our strengths but also tactfully highlighted areas where growth and attention were needed. Her expert guidance equipped us with actionable strategies for our journey ahead.