Leaders & Managers

Leaders and managers are critical to effective change processes

Patwell Consulting can help your people, leaders, managers and teams by using the four stages of our Leading Meaningful Change Process: Alignment, Integration, Action and Renewal. Our LMC Process can enhance your existing approach to change, or help you develop a new change plan.

Team leaders today are facing big challenges.

They’re leading people who are taxed, pulled in multiple directions, and in need of inspiration. They’re dealing with day-to-day complexities and risk losing sight of the bigger picture. Help them focus and deliver with coaching and consulting services designed to activate the LMC Framework and our unparalleled approach.

Working with Patwell Consulting gets you access to CoachingOurselves (CO), the world’s best tools and resources designed for learning in real time and for having meaningful conversations.

CO modules are used in our LMC programs and facilitated by our Patwell Consulting coaches and mentors who can help develop people in real time, strengthen multi-disciplinary, diverse teamwork and cross-industry learning and organizational culture changes.

A practical and proven framework, processes, and tools to help leaders navigate uncertain times and position all levels of the organization to thrive.

Bev has the unique ability to assess the gaps which leaders need to focus on to be able to move people forward toward a common vision.

A masterful and comprehensive approach to leading and managing transformation efforts of any type or size.