About Us

Change leaders are needed now, more than ever

You don’t have to lead change alone. Everyone in your organization has a role to play. We can help.

We are the Patwell Consulting team.

We are leading a worldwide movement to help people like you learn, lead, and achieve meaningful change. We are dedicated to developing people and creating more effective and responsive organizations. We help you get the best of yourself, your people and your teams. Together, we can help you achieve results that are far greater than what any one person can achieve and which align with your vision, purpose, and strategy.

Patwell Consulting coaches senior teams to lead the culture change in their organizations, using the principles that they value the most. The result is transformative and meaningful. Not only do leaders end up with solutions but they also can develop themselves. This makes the change that more effective and, ultimately, inspires people to move toward a common vision.

Our president and founder is Beverley Patwell – one of the world’s foremost experts on organizational development and change leadership.

Her pioneering work on Use-of-Self™ and Triple Impact Coaching™ forms the basis of the recently unveiled Leading Meaningful Change framework©.

Over three decades of working, teaching, and consulting, Bev has developed an international network of exceptional professionals who can work with you as trusted partners and advisors.

Our work is grounded in the Leading Meaningful Change framework.

Our services and programs deliver real value and help you achieve results through a custom mix of large-, medium-, and small- team settings and 1:1s.

Our events and programs are designed to build on the lessons and wise practices from the people whose shoulders we stand on, and to learn with and from others in class and beyond.

We also offer professional development opportunities with certificate and sessional programming.