For over 20 years, Patwell Consulting has been providing customized, high impact, organizational development, change and coaching solutions.

  • We value our client relationships and measure our success by your success.
  • From the design of strategy to implementation, we work with the people who will provide leadership and bring about the changes your organization needs to make a positive and meaningful difference.
  • We invest in understanding your needs and context so that we can develop the break through solutions that will address your challenges and achieve the results you and your organization needs for success.
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We work with people in all levels of the organization who want:

  • to develop the skills and confidence to act and achieve the outcomes they need for success;
  • advice, guidance, tools and supports on how to build and strengthen alignment around a shared vision and the way forward for their organization;
  • strategies to create an organizational culture that attracts, develops and engages their people;
  • and a trusted partner who will guide them through the journey and help them validate their plan, see what they can’t see and focus on the actions that will make the greatest difference for themselves, the people they serve and the greater good of their communities.

We Work With

  • Boards of Directors
  • Senior Leadership Teams and Executive Teams
  • Cross Professional-Cross Department-Interdisciplinary- Project Teams
  • Managers
  • Frontline Service Providers
  • Associations
  • Large Multi-Stakeholder Groups and Organizations


Strategic Planning & Customized Program Design, Delivery and Evaluation
  • Small to large group interventions including working sessions, dialogue processes
  • Strategic planning, leadership/management development and training
  • Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Culture Shifts
  • Creating a Shared Vision
  • Developing a Master Change and Transformation Plan
  • Service Excellence Strategies
  • Transition and Alignment Strategies
  • Organizational Alignment Processes
  • Transition Processes for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations
  • Stakeholder Analysis Process to understand resistance and support people through the change process
  • Engagement and Communication Strategies and product development
Learning Development Programs and Events
  • Leading, Managing, Evaluating and Sustaining Culture Shifts
  • Change Leadership
  • Experience Change Workshop
  • Change Leadership Essentials Workshop
  • Designing Change
  • Service Excellence
  • Coaching Ourselves to Develop Leaders, Managers and Our Organization
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching

Upcoming Events

LMC: Developing the Pathway for Recovery to Renewal

LMC: Developing the Pathway for Recovery to Renewal

November 15-19, 2021
LMC Essentials Online (in partnership with MultEversity)

LMC Essentials Online (in partnership with MultEversity)

Fall 2021

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