LMC Foundations Program

Learn Lead Achieve Meaningful Change

Introducing LMC Foundations

Join Patwell Consulting in taking the next step on your change leadership journey. This program builds on what you learn in the LMC Essentials Online program. LMC Foundations is a blended learning program. You’ll learn with and from each other in small group discussions and have a chance to practice key concepts.

Take your second step on the path to mastering Leading Meaningful Change–online or face-to-face

Over five, 2-hour sessions you will learn through group discussions and interactive exercises. Take the Individual Change Leadership Challenge. Put your LMC Toolkit to work with real-time, real-life applicability.

LMC Foundations is perfect for:

  • Senior leaders and executives
  • Change leaders, coaches, and consultants
  • People looking to deepen their change leadership and resiliency
  • Life-long learners

What you will learn:

  • Assess your own change leadership strengths and challenges
  • Work on a Change Leadership Challenge, Competency Assessment, and Change Style Indicator
  • Be introduced to the notion of Taking CARE of Our Wheel of Life
  • Develop an LMC Development Plan
  • Access more tools, resources, and skills to affect meaningful change

How you will learn:

  • Attend weekly online and in-person classroom sessions
  • Complete LMC Toolkit assessments and share results with fellow participants
  • Practice and observe your change leadership competencies in action through group discussions, coaching, and practical exercises
  • Connect the LMC Framework to your daily/real-life change challenges

LMC Foundations Program

In an age where agility is paramount, it’s the people that are at the centre. Change leadership becomes more about capturing the hearts, minds, and souls of those people. This program provides the tools that help you do just that.

Beverley is a great facilitator and speaker. She made us feel very comfortable and able to interact easily. I loved the topic and found myself captured in reflecting on leading meaningful change.

Bev has the unique ability to assess the gaps which leaders need to focus on to be able to move people forward toward a common vision.