Developing The Pathway For Recovery to Renewal

Learn Lead Achieve Meaningful Change

Leading meaningful change has never been more important or challenging.

This LMC Program is designed to bring connection and energy back into the change process as you develop your pathway for recovery to renewal.

This program is ideal for:

  • Senior-level professionals
  • Change champions, catalysts, leaders and managers looking to capture the hearts, minds, and souls of the people they lead, work with, and serve; and
  • Anyone interested in leading meaningful change.

Learning objectives:

  • Introduce the LMC Framework, principles and key concepts to help you plan for recovery and renewal;
  • Reflect on your approach to leading meaningful change;
  • Learn research, case studies and wise practices for leading meaningful change;
  • Obtain tools and techniques to help you develop your pathway to recovery and renewal;
  • Reflect on what you are learning as you live, lead and manage yourself and others;
  • Learn with and from other people and explore how you can bring to life these concepts in your life, work, and community.


  1. A copy of the book Leading Meaningful Change. Capturing the Hearts, Minds and
    Souls of the People You Lead, Work with and Serve by Beverley Patwell;
  2. LMC framework and Use-of-Self research, wise practices, concepts and the LMC toolkit that you can put to use right away to validate, renew, enhance or develop your personal and organizational plans for change, recovery and renewal;
  3. An assessment of your approach to leading and managing change;
  4. Reflections on your change leadership challenges;
  5. Valuable conversations with other leaders, managers and catalysts for change;
  6. Coaching to help you reflect on and advance your personal leadership development
  7. Strategies to enhance your work leading meaningful change.

 LMC Developing The Pathway For Recovery to Renewal program

Expert and practical experience applying research, theory and practice for leading meaningful change.

Strong, safe, egalitarian learning culture that helps the breakouts to be powerful, meaningful, and yes, even transformational.

Interesting topics that progressively builds towards & supports us as leaders and our change leadership challenges.

Well designed and orchestrated program.

Masterful engagement of the instructors and participants. Grateful for many opportunities to learn with from each other’s experiences.