Living and Leading: Covid & Beyond

Learn Lead Achieve Meaningful Change

As a leader, you are being called upon to deliver in unprecedented ways.

The choices you make now will determine how, when, and even if your organization emerges from the COVID crisis. We can help you live and lead through COVID – and well beyond.

These COVID programs are perfect for:

Leaders, formal and informal, at all levels of every organization regardless of size or sector

Patwell Consulting’s COVID-era offerings will help you:

  • Create shared purpose
  • Capture the hearts, minds, and souls of the people you lead, work with, and serve
  • Achieve results that are far greater than any one person’s single contribution
  • Ensure your organization survives and thrives

What you will learn:

  • How to lead and learn through this period of unprecedented change, grief, and anxiety
  • How to plan for renewal and transformation
  • How to communicate (and market) while keeping the trust of key stakeholder audiences
  • How to build and sustain cohesive leadership teams
  • How to bring your best self to every situation

How you will learn:

  • Five, 90-minute virtual sessions (one per day for a week)
  • Large group sessions with attendees from around the world
  • Smaller-group ‘breakouts’
  • Sharing of lived experiences
  • Light, individual reading (daily prep)

Our next LMC Special Event/COVID program is coming up:

Leading Meaningful Change: Developing The Pathway For Recovery to Renewal.

This program allows one to reflect on how to become an active participant in the COVID world and how to use our inherent leadership skills.

The world had been changed by a tiny strand of genetic material. Participating in the LMC seminar was a true antidote for the fear and confusion of these times.

We are all leaders when engaging with others. The course helped us to reflect on the personal as well as the professional impact that COVID-19 has had on us, and provided tools to influence meaningful change.