Patrick Masterson

Organization Development and Change Consultant

Patrick is a US-based consultant who works with clients to build their capacity in managing complexity, accelerating change, and enhancing stability. Patrick has a track record of designing high impact leadership development programs for science- and technology-driven organizations. As a skilled executive coach and organization development practitioner, he integrates cutting edge research with cross-sector experience to support leaders and organizations navigating choppy waters

Outside of Work

Patrick lives in Washington, DC, where he enjoys cooking, cooking gadgets, and taking his two daughters to parks around the city.

Passion for Leading Meaningful Change

LMC taps into my passion by centering use-of-self as the main character in leading meaningful change – presence and how to leverage what is under your control in any change initiative. LMC has the tools and the framework for preparing and leading change that is applicable at the team, unit, or whole system level. As a scholar-practitioner I appreciate the research and experience that LMC is based on. The four stages – Alignment, Integration, Action, Renewal – are both intuitive and have depth. Too many change processes divorce the process from the actors. She brings use-of-self center stage for an effective approach that consultants, managers, and directors can use in not just creating change, but leading change that is meaningful.

Favourite Quote

“…instead of perceiving it as a single large transformation, consider it a series of small shift occurring over time among many groups of stakeholders.” – Beverley Patwell, Leading Meaningful Change