Anne Hennessy


Anne is a community-based psychiatrist who teaches mindfulness and has trained as a yoga teacher.

She is a member of the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Ottawa. She has a life long commitment to working with older persons as they can struggle to cope with the many changes associated with ageing. As part of her work, she teaches mindfulness based coping to caregivers who have partners with dementia.
For the past decade Anne has collaborated in offering mindfulness and yoga retreats in wonderful locations internationally.

Outside of Work

Anne values family, love and friendship. She is creative whether she is cooking , homemaking or working with a canvas and paint.

Passion for Leading Meaningful Change

This life is about adapting, being flexible but adhering to ones value set.
Too often we can be swept along and flounder rather that recognize the ebb and flow of life’s waves.

Anne believes in facing into change, riding the wave and dealing with grief and loss. This open mindedness makes us wiser, more human, and more able to embrace joy and the inevitable new beginnings in our lives.

This skill can be learnt.

Favourite Quote

Change is as constant as we live from breath to breath. Becoming conscious and choosing how we change is part of the thrill of living fully.