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Leading Meaningful Change – One Year In

A hearty thank you to each of you to mark the first anniversary of Leading Meaningful Change.

It was one year ago today that we released LMC. Thinking back on all the trepidation at that time – and everything we didn’t know about COVID and what was to come – I can honestly say that LMC would not have been the success it has been without each of you.

*You* have been the reason it has succeeded and for that I am eternally grateful.

We’ve heard from readers from around the world that the Use-of-Self concept, which underpins the LMC Model, remains as vital and important today as it has ever been. We have also heard about the importance of alignment to purpose as being a welcome beacon in a fog of uncertainty.

Thank you for your feedback and your stories of putting LMC to work for yourself, families, and your teams, organizations, and communities.

As we changed our plans and transformed our business, we created communities of support and influence like the LMC Masterminds, Catalyst groups, and LMC alumni from our events. One of our themes over the year was “learning with and from each other”. I learn something meaningful every time one of these groups convenes. So, thanks to each of you for your time, energy, openness, and insight.

Thanks to Chris Day, my publicist, to Patwell Consulting’s team, clients, and students, to Figure 1 Publishing, and – of course – to my husband, Don for all your support.

I am filled with gratitude because – as tough as this year has been for us, and for people around the world – I count myself fortunate to be part of this LMC community, to be able to do what I love, to have the opportunity to work with some incredible individuals and organizations, and to be able to see the difference we are making together.

So, again, thank you.

And I look forward to whatever comes next. -BP

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