A proven framework and process based on more than 30 years of experience and research, the LMC approach helps you create alignment around a shared purpose and develop a plan that captures the hearts, minds, and souls of the people you lead, work with, and serve. At this critical juncture, nothing less will do.

We are ready to work with and serve you. We have pivoted our business and expanded our team. We can provide a fully online service delivery if and where needed. We can do events for small groups, large groups, individuals, or some mix of all three. We will work with you and your team to craft a plan and a solution that is unique to you and meets the full range of your organization’s needs.

The COVID crisis is affecting every family and organization around the world. You and your people are being challenged to live, work, play, and deliver in ways you didn’t think were possible even a couple of months ago.

With a suite of new COVID-specific offerings, Patwell Consulting is uniquely positioned to assist leaders to answer the call of the current times by crafting strategies that will get you ready for what’s to come.

Our New Offerings

1. Leading Through COVID (for senior leaders, leaders of teams and organizations)

2. LMC Foundations Program (for senior leaders, change practitioners, coaches, consultants, teams, managers, business owners or anyone interested in leading meaningful change)

3. Learning Through COVID (for students and people in transition)

4. Planning for Transition, Change and Transformation (for senior leaders and teams)

5. Communicating Through COVID (for marketers and communicators)

6. Building and Sustaining Cohesive Leadership Teams (for senior leadership teams, task forces, design teams, and strategic project teams)

7. Coaching for Leading Meaningful Change (executive 1:1s and team coaching)

8. ExperienceChange Global Tech Simulation (for intact and multi-disciplinary teams, large and small)