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LMC Foundations Program

February 1st to 5th, 2021

NEW Patwell Consulting service offerings for the COVID era and beyond!

1. Leading Through COVID (for senior leaders, leaders of teams and organizations)

2. LMC Foundations Program (for senior leaders, change practitioners, coaches, consultants, teams, managers, business owners or anyone interested in leading meaningful change)

3. Learning Through COVID (for students and people in transition)

4. Planning for Transition, Change and Transformation (for senior leaders and teams)

5. Communicating Through COVID (for marketers and communicators)

6. Building and Sustaining Cohesive Leadership Teams (for senior leadership teams, task forces, design teams, and strategic project teams)

7. Coaching for Leading Meaningful Change (executive 1:1s and team coaching)

8. ExperienceChange Global Tech Simulation (for intact and multi-disciplinary teams, large and small)

Exploring Our Losses and Grief Through These Times of COVID

Virtual Workshop (Zoom) Register by sending us an email at admin@patwellconsulting.com Reserve now to save your place!

Dr. Anne Hennessy is an Ottawa community based psychiatrist who is also an international mindfulness and yoga teacher. Originally from Ireland, She is a lecturer at the University of Ottawa. Her work focuses on psychogeriatrics and psychotherapy. As part of her work, she offers an 8 week MBSR group training for elderly caregivers who have partners with dementia.

During the Corona Virus Pandemic she was called upon to co-lead a support group for the psychiatry residents who are frontline workers in Department of Psychiatry.

Anne has trained at the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts with John Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli. She also has lived experience in dealing with grief.

No one escapes loss, and losses are many in this Pandemic. Anne believes that in facing into grief and the work of mourning we grow in wisdom and humanity, and make space to embrace joy and new beginnings in our lives.

Leading Meaningful Change

Use-of-Self Series

Experiencing The World as a Woman over 50

If 50 is the new 40, are our ‘golden years’ getting further away? With everything going on in the world, how golden will they be?

The entire world has changed in recent months. Women, already disproportionately impacted by the effects of COVID-19, will face particular challenges as we age. Now is the time to focus your approach to living in the present while planning for the future.

We have called in some of the world’s leading experts on women and aging to help us deliver this two-hour working session designed exclusively for women over 50. We will:

  • share themes, patterns and approaches that women over 50 have used to be their best selves and guide their way of living and being;
  • reflect on the experiences that have shaped our lives;
  • make sense of our current context; and,
  • help guide possible paths forward.

Presenting will be Deborah Ferro Burke, and Diane Okrent

Spring 2021 Programs

LMC Use of Self Series

Reframing: Owning your Story. Owning your Power.

January 19th, 2021 10:00am – NoonPT/ 1:00-3:00pm ET

Register by email at admin@patwellconsulting.com

Previous Events

Leading Meaningful Change through the COVID Crisis. A Fireside Chat with Beverley Patwell and Mark Porter

Join us for a conversation with Beverley Patwell and Mark Porter. Based on Bev’s newly released book called Leading Meaningful Change: Capturing the Hearts, Minds and Souls of the People You Lead, Work With and Serve they will talk about what we can do to lead people through the COVID Crisis and the path to recovery.

This COVID crisis is calling us all to think about how we want to live our lives, and lead, work with and serve others.

Given the complexities of our world, leaders can no longer lead by expertise alone. They must work with and

through others, collaborate, and build partnerships both inside their organization and often with external partners,

Unfortunately, building and achieving the benefits of teamwork, collaboration and partnerships is complex. It requires ongoing attention to the interplay of our Use-of-Self as the leader or member of the team, network, or community and your relationships with others to get work done to achieve your shared purpose.

We are delighted to have Mark Porter, Executive Vice President of People and Culture from WestJet Airlines as the host for this fireside chat with Beverley Patwell, President of Patwell Consulting Inc.

Registered attendees can receive a free perusal version of Bev’s CoachingOurselves module “Coaching and Mentoring Others” and some tools and resources from her new book Leading Meaningful Change to help you develop, validate and/or enhance your existing plans for dealing with the COVID19 Crisis and your path for recovery and business continuity.

May 1, 2020 09:00 AM in Vancouver

See the Webinar Recording Here

Leading Through Crisis: A LeadingMeaningful Change Virtual Workout Session

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything in a matter of weeks.

How we live, work and play is upended. Our public health is threatened. Our economic and financial outlook is uncertain. Now, more than ever, we are called to change and act in ways that are unprecedented.

As a leader, people are looking to you for direction and clarity.

We will gather electronically as an exclusive group of leaders to check-in, reflect on our current leadership challenges, and review tools to validate or enhance your existing change plans.

You’ve got a lot going on. We understand completely. This one-hour session will help you focus on the big picture and reflect on how you are leading and managing this crises. You will also obtain supports keep you on track and help you plan for when this crisis has passed.

If there’s one thing that COVID hasn’t changed, it’s our commitment to helping you be the best leader you can be as you lead meaningful change in your life, organization and community.


Leading Meaningful Change

Book by Beverley Patwell

I’m very excited to share the news! My new book Leading Meaningful Change (LMC) is now available for purchase where books are sold, as well as by email admin@patwellconsulting.com

Leading Meaningful Change. Capturing the Hearts, Minds and Souls of the People You Lead, Work With, and Serve is based on my passion and life’s work. This book brings you through the evolution of the practice of leading and managing change over the past three decades. It is grounded in research and provides real-life examples and case studies that brings the LMC framework to life. Included are seven principles, exercises and tools that you, too can use to support and develop the people you lead, work with and serve through their change journeys.

LMC also focuses on the most important instrument in our change toolkit, our Use-of-Self. When done well, our Use-of-Self can help us be more effective as we lead meaningful change that at the same time, achieves results that far outweigh any one person’s single contribution.

I believe you will find LMC to be a valuable guide to help you lead and manage the human side of any change journey.

To purchase your copy of Leading Meaningful Change. Capturing The Hearts, Minds and Souls of The People You Lead, Work With, and Serve please go to amazon.ca 

To learn more about how to bring Leading Meaningful Change to life in your work and organization, please contact me at admin@patwellconsulting.com

Triple Impact Coaching: Use-of-Self in the Coaching Process

Book by Beverley Patwell and Edith Whitfield Seashore
Published by Patwell Consulting

This book details the Triple Impact Coaching model concepts and tools. It includes the stories of three companies who used this unique coaching approach to address their organizational challenges and achieve their strategic objectives. Leaders, managers, change agents and teams are using Triple Impact Coaching as a support for training and development, knowledge transfer, skill development and as a mechanism to help people lead and manage change. Click here for more details.

Throughout my career, I have had the great opportunity to work with leaders, managers and professionals from all over the world who have inspired and influenced my approach to organizational development.

These publications and resources reflect the real work experiences, wise practices and lessons learned from my partners, collaborators, clients and colleagues who have been so generous in sharing their stories of leading managing meaningful change in their work and organizations.


  1. Leading Meaningful Change in a Time of Crisis Opinion piece from Beverley Patwell and ExperiencePoint (August 2020)
  2. After Hours: Three things to do in B.C. in August 2020 Leading Meaningful Change as a local activity to enjoy in August. BC Business Magazine (Summer 2020)
  3. Triple Impact Coaching: Use-of-Self in the Coaching Process.  Reflecting on the Past, Present and Future by Beverley Patwell.  Organizational Development Journal (Summer 2019) 1-12
  4. The Stewardship of Service Excellence at the City of Vaughan.
    Reflections on Sustaining Momentum, Building Capacity and Focus During Transformational Change by Beverley Patwell, Christina Bruce, Leah Zlnik, Laura Mirabella-SIddall
    . Queen’s University IRC (2016)
  5. Leadership Sustainability: A Framework to Sustain Culture Shifts by Beverley Patwell: Queen’s University IRC (2014)
  6. Why Coaching and Mentoring Must Play An Integral Role In Leading and Managing in Today’s Workplaces by Beverley Patwell. Queen’s University IRC (2013)
  7. An Innovative Approach to Fostering A Culture of Service Excellence in the City of Ottawa by Beverley Patwell: Queen’s University IRC (2012).
  8. Discovering the Magic of Culture Shifts, A Case Study in Large Scale Culture Transformation by Beverley Patwell, Donna Gray and Steve Kanellakos OD Practitioner Vol. 44 No. 1 (2012)
  9. Transcontinental Media: Evolving Towards A HR Business Partner by Beverley Patwell and Katya Laviolette. Queen’s University IRC (2004)

Tools and Resources:

  1. Leading Meaningful Change Toolkit
    • Power Map Exercise
    • Coaching Conversation Exercise
    • Change leadership Challenge Exercise
    • Evaluating and Sustaining Meaningful Change Exercise
    • Stakeholder Analysis Exercise
    • Master Changer Plan Exercise
    • Developing a Communication Plan Exercise
    •  Change Leadership Competencies Exercise
    • Assessing Your Personal Style of Managing Exercise
    • Leading Meaningful Change Self-Development Guide
  2. Art-Craft-Science Assessment with Henry Mintzberg. This assessment can be found in his books, Managing by Henry Mintzberg and Simply Managing by Henry Mintzberg. You can also contact CoachingOurselves at www.coachingourselves.com to purchase the assessment tool.
  3. Coaching Others by Beverley Patwell Coaching Ourselves Topic
  4. Evaluating Culture Shifts by Beverley Patwell (Patwell Consulting)
  5. Leading Transitions Toolkit by Beverley Patwell (Patwell Consulting)


  • Working Together to Lead, Manage and Inspire Healthy Community At Camosun College by Beverley Patwell and Cynthia Smith International CoachingOurselves Conference (Sept 2017)
  • Defining OD ODNetwork Chair Chat Webinar Series (2017)
  • CoachingOurselves Creating Meaningful Reflection, Dialogue and Action to Sustain Large Scale Cange: Reflections Round Table World Conference Japan (2016)
  • The Stewardship of Public Sector Service Excellence Niagara Institute Speakers Webinar Series (2016)
  • The Stewardship of Service Excellence at the City of Vaughan. Reflections on Sustaining Momentum, Building Capacity and Focus During Transformational Change. IPAC Conference Toronto (2016)
  • CoachingOurselves, A Key Element in Sustaining Large Scale Change and Culture Shifts CoachingOurselves Conference Montreal Quebec (September 2015)
  • The Art of Mentorship: Conference Board Webinar (2014).
  • Wise Strategies for Leadership Development: Creating and Sustaining Resiliency and Agility During Change: The Better Workplace Conference, Conference-Board of Canada (2014).
  • Wise Strategies for Creating and Sustaining Culture Shifts in Today’s Workplaces: CSTD Conference (2014).
  • Fostering A Culture of Service Excellence at the City of Ottawa: Presentation and article presented at ODNET Conference (October 2011).
  • Developing HR Professionals by Coaching Ourselves, A Unique Approach to Management Development and Creating Organizations as Communities: BCHRMA VI Round Table (2010).
  • Coaching Ourselves: A Unique Approach to Leading Change in Uncertain Times: Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) and International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO), World Conference (October 2009).
  • Triple Impact Coaching: Use of Self in the Coaching Process: Rock City Elementary School, Nanaimo BC (September 2009).
  • Triple Impact Coaching: Ottawa OD Network (June 2009).
  • Triple Impact Coaching: HR Advisor Development: Canadian Association of University Business Officers CAUBO (June 2009).
  • Leading Sustainable Change: Understanding Your Use of Self and Your Impact on the World Around You: Conference Board of Canada, Council of HR Executives, Winnipeg (June 2009).
  • Capacity Management: Process and Workload Analysis EFA: A Case Study, Ontario Municipal Social Services Agencies Learning Symposium (2004).
  • Learning Community: Connecting in the Workplace, John Abbott College (2004).
  • The Essentials of Change Leadership, American Quality Association (2004).
  • Creating Your Future: DARE To Live Your Dreams, Western Laval High School Career Night Key Note Speech (2002).
  • Coaching and Mentoring, The Training Report (1999).
  • Winning Strategies for Coaching and Developing High Performance Teams, National Forum on Coaching and Mentoring (1999).
  • Strategic Decision-Making for Strategic Alignment, Federated Press (1999).