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The Leading Meaningful Change Foundations Program

  • Our world has drastically changed and continues to change. This program helps you to handle the ups and downs of the business and really speaks to your heart all in one. It is an easy read, with practical guides that you can put to work immediately. I felt empowered! This course put back the ” serve” in what is the most important part of Leadership. – Deborah-Ann De Souza, Service Excellence Executive
  • The course helped us to reflect on the personal as well as the professional impact that COVID 19 has had on us, and provides tools to influence meaningful change. – Glenda Pryce, Social Worker
  • Use-of-self is a fundamental tool in being a team member and a leader.You do not have to be a leader in the traditional sense to benefit from taking this course. We are all leaders when engaging with others. – Glenda Pryce, Social Worker
  • Leading change by following procedure is no longer an option in an age where agility is paramount. Now more than ever it’s the people that are at the centre and change leadership becomes more about capturing the hearts, minds and souls of those people. This program provides the tools that help you do just that. – Gita Badiyan, Management Consultant
  • This program allows one to reflect on how to become an active participant in the Covid world and how to use our inherent leadership skills. – Bert Elliott, Consultant
  • The social distancing led to this amazing session where we were encouraged to reframe the consequences of the pandemic and claim our common wisdom and connect. – Consultant
  • My skill set is applicable to the world at large, not just within the medical system. There is a huge power in being a collaborator, with exponential potential. The need for healing is universal. Use-of-Self is my greatest asset to my business. I highly recommend taking this course as it applies to whatever sector large or small you are working in. Bev is a world leader in LMC…take this course!! Rosemary Brown, Cranio Sacral Practitioner
  • The world had been changed by a tiny strand of genetic material. Participating in the LMC seminar was a true antidote for the fear and confusion of these times. Beverley and her team reminded us of the importance of authentic, values based servant leadership in responding rather than reacting to crisis. The virtual journey through the beauty of Victoria BC was accompanied by a lively immersion in her book Leading Meaningful Change. We were inspired and revitalized. It’s the ultimate vaccine for thriving and working in these times.      – Anne Hennessy, Psychiatrist
  • The LMC framework is how change leadership is supposed to be — empathic and people-focused. – Seka Ojdrovic-Phillips, Communications Coach and Consultant

Testimonials for

Leading Meaningful Change

  • “Straightforward and practical, this book is a must-read for any leader or change practitioner.” –Mark Porter, Executive Vice President – People & Culture,WestJet Airlines
  • “In a world where organizational strategy increasingly relies on big data, Bev reminds us that numbers alone can’t inspire people to commit to a new direction. Rather people must believe with their ‘hearts and souls’ in a change in order for it to ultimately succeed and stick. The practical tools and methods Bev outlines in Leading Meaningful Change can help all of us consistently put our people at the center of our change efforts.” –Greg Warman, Principal and co-founder, ExperiencePoint
  • “Bev defines what it takes to create and sustain leadership, to discover and share meaning and to make change that transforms organizations and the people who work in them.” -Brenda B. Jones, Co-Director, NTL Global Leadership and Organization Development Group
  • “Anchored in the ‘Use-of -Self’ approach, this book offers a practical and proven framework, processes and tools to help leaders navigate uncertain times and position all levels of the organization to thrive.” –Ross Roxburgh, Ross Roxburgh Consulting
  • “Bev has the unique ability to assess the culture of an organization and understand the gaps which leaders need to focus on to be able to move people towards a common vision.” –Steve Kanellakos, [City Manager], City of Ottawa
  • “A masterful and comprehensive approach to leading and managing transformation efforts of any type or size.” -Phil Lenir,  Co-founder and President, CoachingOurselves
  • “Bev has created a framework that will revolutionize the way you as a leader create alignment, engage others, manage resistance and implement the culture shifts you need for systemic change.” –Jean West, Director of Mental Health and Professional Certified Coach
  • “I encourage anyone who wants to effect positive change to read this book!” -Paul Slaggert, [Retired Director Stayer Center for Executive Education], University of Notre Dame
  • “The interplay between the authentic Use-of-Self, creating a shared purpose and aligning the organization’s direction plays a critical role in the successful achievement of any meaningful change. This is an important and valuable book for all leaders and managers”-Naoyuki Shigemitsu, co-CEO of J-Feel,Tokyo Japan
  • “One of the most inspiring and useful books I’ve read about transformation in organisations. This book will help leaders develop the skills to lead and manage the human side of change.” -Véronique Sanchis, Program Manager


McGill University

“Working with Patwell Consulting was an amazing journey. In 2008 we embarked on developing our front line client service employees and we are still reaping the benefits from that transformational change. We are now implementing version 2.0 and the employees are more engaged than ever with a view of supporting our academic mission.”

Lynne Gervais
AVP Human Resources
McGill University

Agnico Eagle Mines

“While lawyers, engineers and finance people are typically at the forefront of acquisitions and other major change efforts, they are the first to admit, especially when projects fail, that the Human Factor is the key determinant.

Having worked with Beverley Patwell, I would say, after 38 years of international business exposure, that she is at the forefront of the human soul and can be a terrific enabler for change leaders. Something very rare that I would qualify as the Patwell Consulting brand.

I worked with Beverley when I was SVP HR at Agnico Eagle Mines. At that time, the gold mining industry was going through a difficult time that created business challenges for our company. Beverley helped our leaders to develop the necessary skills to successfully lead and manage an important transition for the company.”

Jean Luk Pellerin
Former Senior Vice President Human Resources
Agnico Eagle Mines

Agnico Eagle Mines

“It is easy to underestimate the importance of change management when leading change in an organization. To manage a complex change, several pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place. There has to be a vision, the people involved need the right skills, there has to be incentives, the resources and an action plan. If any of these pieces are missing, change will be replaced by something else. One way of looking at this, is to say that change management requires a certain set of competencies, required in addition to “normal” project management skills. Examples of key success factors are excellent communication, stakeholder involvement and engaged leadership at all levels.

As a project manager for a global finance transformation project, I experienced first hand, what it took to lead and manage a complex change project. Without the professional help of Beverley Patwell, I do not think the project would have been as successful as it was. My message to anyone managing a project involving complex change is to ensure you have a competent consultant and coach on the change management side. Beverley Patwell is such a person.”

Johan Rehnström
Regional Finance Director – Europe
Agnico Eagle Mines Limited

Camosun College

“Patwell Consulting offers insightful, transformational, and empowering possibilities for individuals and groups to grow both personally and professionally within their organizations. Patwell Consulting’s services and tools help people to move forward with shared understanding about organizational development.

Patwell Consulting brings to its clients the rare blend of organizational insight, deep expertise in human systems and a commitment to the client’s success, growth and ongoing learning and development.”

Joan Humphries
Co-Chair Nursing
Camosun College

City of Ottawa

“Bev Patwell brings real solutions to real problems experienced by municipal governments. Bev’s personal customer experience skills ensures every moment is a wow moment for her clients and their customers.”

Donna Gray
General Manager Service Innovation and Performance
City of Ottawa



“Beverley has been a trusted partner and valued collaborator for over 15 years. She brings to her work a clear and singular focus on achieving results through people. It is her passion for developing others so that they can succeed that makes working with her both energizing and enlightening. I always learn something from her!”

James Chisholm


“We’ve worked together with Bev as a partner and author in CoachingOurselves for many years on a great number of customer engagements. She is by far one of the most talented, experienced and wise organizational development professionals out there. She will help clients understand their organizational challenges, propose clear solutions, and follow through to ensure the goals are met. I highly recommend Bev Patwell!”

Phil Lenir
Co-Founder and President

Concordia University

“Bev is a true professional who has the knowledge base and interpersonal skills to make management development programs work.”

Dr. William Taylor
Program Director and Professor Emeritus
Advanced Executive Leadership Program
Airports Council International
John Molson School of Business
Concordia University