Dana MacDonald

Founder and President of MacTicity Consulting Inc.

Dana has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development in large global organizations. She provides pragmatic and business-oriented solutions to team effectiveness, talent management, leadership development and coaching. She has extensive experience in culture transformation organizational development, succession planning and facilitation. Dana also spent 14 years in the Canadian Navy and has a passion for working with veterans and veterans organizations.

Outside of Work

Dana lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with her family. She enjoys spending time with friends, watching her son play hockey, eating great food and travel.

People often ask me where the name MacTicity comes from. I got my strong work ethic from my father so I wanted his last name to be part of my company name (Mac) and I always knew that the strongest value I would bring to my company was my Authenticity so I combined the two and MacTicity was born.

Passion for Leading Meaningful Change

Change is the constant. We tend to talk about change as an event and sometimes it is but to me change is ever present, now more than ever. As a leader of people I have found ways to inspire and lead others through change and now I am passionate about coaching others as they face large or small change and helping leaders be inspiring change leaders with a process that helps them really think through how they want to approach the change. When leaders worry about resistance to change, I say change without some resistance is not real change; people’s resistance can help us understand the way forward.

Favourite Quote

“Speak your mind even if your voice shakes” Ruth Bader Ginsberg